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 Aquafade Yo!

May 25 2003 16:52:24 PDT was the moment I became the winner of eBay auction item #3609657033, a beautifull Fat Chance Yo Eddy! in Aquafade. Full of excitement I leaned back in my chair. More than ten years after I started drooling over pics of Yo Eddy's in Germany's bikemag BIKE and BIKE's 'Markt' catalogue I finally got mine. 

The ten years earlier I were just a kid. There was no FAT distribution in Holland. Acquiring a Yo! seemed a bit problematic, especially considering in those pre internet ages things weren't really transparant. So much had changed this May-25-03.

What does Fat Chance mean to me?

Well, lets put it this way: If I could own only one bike than it would be a Yo Eddy! or Wicked FAT. Their names may be funny, they refer to comic figures and their paintschemes are often totally wild and weird, but underneath that paint there is no room for joking. Well thought out, sturdy chassis' that last, but that are light enough to compete and win! If you have the legs of course. Check the quality of the welds, the paint, details like the domed stays - jewelery like finishing.  

Bikes with a great heritage too. Fat Chance with its huge contribution in mountainbike development and its enormous Cult status can be considered as a major chapter in mountainbike history. FATs are also worthy representative of a great era in mountainbiking. 


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