A few words from Yo

Aquafade Yo!



Hello, me is Yo Eddy! YOM1075 and I am a happy mountainbike in The Netherlands. My boss bought me about 2 years ago through an internetsite called something like ebay. Untill then I lived in Boston. My former boss always took care of me very well, but once he stepped up to me and told me he needed cash for his wedding with some woman he knew. I had to go! I were wrapped entirely and he put me in a box. It was very dark inside. I felt so unhappy, cold, left. 

Next day my trip started. I really hadn't a clue were the trip had to end. At some point I realized the trip went very far. Do you know how cold it is at 30,000ft.?! About three days later the box stopped moving and I stopped shaking. Not much later the box were opened and some daylight was coming in. When my eyes get used the first thing I saw was a bit nervous guy with a knife in one hand.... When the box were opened  a bit more I saw that the area was totally crowded with Miyatas and also one weird Rafty bike; a megafat, shiny polished creature. That shiny, polished creature later became my best friend.

Okay, the guy with the knife appeared to be my new boss. He immediately started puting all my limbs back on. He also cunducted some surgery. My Ritchey stem were amputated and I received  new Zooka. Also my bottlecage was replaced as it didn't make the trip. Fortunately it was my only scare. After that he made a first ride on me and I could see in his eyes he really enjoyed and was happy with me. When my boss is happy, I am happy too. I were a happy Yo again!

First time we made a longer ride I passed this  sign twice:  

Many rides we enjoy are on those seperate roads. My boss is really sweet for me, but sometimes he likes to ride me harder. We like to do that in the woods. My boss is very kind to all the other bikes too, but sometimes he does not behave very gentlemanlike to the '88 Koga Valley Runner bike when he is pushing really hard when timing his favourite Schoorl trail. I once asked him whether he were physically and mentally able to stand this. He answered in a way only that guy with the red ribbon tied around his head could do. 

Recently some more surgery has been done. My shockorgans were taken out to be replaced by new Englund TotalAir transplants. I feel great now! Soon more surgery is expected. My saddle will be hold by a red anodized Heylight with more setback than. My boss decided to do this, because although my not so steep 72 seattube he still wanted to sit further behind the BB....

What is also expected and what I am really looking forward to is summer! This means many rides, nice views when seeing the sun going down during evening rides, but probably also a lot photoshootings again. Sometimes I really become tired of all that posing!

It is saying bikecity of the year 2002. The sign was placed below the Groningen sign. Groningen appeared to be the city were my new home was. Consider if Groningen is the no.1 bikecity of The Netherlands there is a fair chance that Groningen is also one of the best bikecities of the world. I ride on seperate roads for bikes, great signs and routing, two times green compared to one time for cars in one cycle on crossings etc. On the above pic the the Dutch cycling union (l) hands the sign over to the local alderman for traffic (r).

Guess you will see those pics appear on this site too. Hope will enjoy them. Hope you will enjoy this whole site dedicated to me.

-Yo Eddy! YOM1075