My Yo on eBay

Aquafade Yo!

In may 2003 I noticed this Yo Eddy! on eBay. Few days later I were the winner of the bike. Seller was a nice guy from Concord, NH called Shawn, known as eBay member daydreaminfazes.

Shawn has been very helpfull during the whole proces. For me it was the first time I bought something through eBay. It was also the first time to see myself confrontated with the hassle of importing stuff from the US and making a payment to the US. Positive side it was a great learning experience and of course UPS delivered me a nice package a few days after I made the payment. Yeah!

What had to be paid? Well, uuhh, quite a lot. The Yo! itself was not so pricy with its $ 720.02, but shipping, duties and VAT made it quite an investment. Fortunately the dollar/euro exchange rate was in favour of me.

So it costed me quite a lot energy and money, but this all were already forgotten on the first rides I enjoyed on my Yo! 

Bellow pictures can be seen that were part of the itemdescription. 

The Yo! made a very long trip from Holland. Only the red Dirt Research bottlecage was totally trashed during the trip. I consider myself as a lucky guy, because things can be much worse...

Sunny weather in Concord this 16 May 2003.

More common for a Aquafade Yo! is parts in blue anodizing. This YOM1075 is a bit a rebel its red detailling. Currently its is even more red, with its new red anodized bar and seatpost.  


 Hardly a sign of wear on the anodized Kookas. 

Yep, YOM1075. YO = Yo Eddy! and M = Medium. Where 1075 exactly stands for is still a questionmark to me. Has to do with counting, but there are also Yo's known with numbers over 2000 and it is very unlikely FAT ever made over 2000 Yo's in one year. FAT numbering remains a bit a mistery.

Paint looks very bright. Paint looks bright troughout the whole frame. Also hardly no scratches or other marks. I were very impressed by the Yo's condition when I unpacked my Yo.