Traditional backyard shooting

Aquafade Yo!

The rough stuff is were a mountianbike is at home. Nevertheless, the amount of bikes photographed in backyards considering it seems that backyards are the most popular spot for taking shots.  

My Yo! has also been subject of a photoshooting in a backyard; my backyard. It was the first shooting after I took delivery of Aquafade Yo!

First shooting after taking delivery, but already with some modifications. Knew the Zooka stem was laying around in a local shop for years, so I were able to acquire it at a very good price(40 euros). The red riser bar is an addition I made to sit a little higher in front. With its collour, red also became more consistently applied throughout the bike.

24 Oldschool pedals came on. They may be called Oldschool, but they are definately 2003. Look great, work great.

Great buy is the Chris King USA-style Threadset. Comes in red, silver, blue.

Pics shot only short after taking delivery of the 'custom' 29.4 red Heylight post with setback. 

On the collour: I like the way it works out; red is more ballanced applied througout the whole bike now. 

The Heylight post is a great item. Nice feature is that those posts were already made when my Yo was built, so it is period correct. Furthermore it has an open top so there is no need to remove the post when turning the bike upside down to dry after a ride in wet conditions.